True, memorable and delicious Indian taste made with love and keeping tradition in our minds.

At Chai n Chilli

Chai n Chilli in the city of Melbourne painstakingly delivers the best vegetarian food in the city.

About Us

Chai-n-Chilli brings Sonali and Kiran’s love for food for all to enjoy. We have more than a decade of experience within the hospitality industry. We started as a small catering business serving authentic home made Indian entres and desserts to a select clientele seeking authenticity. Sonali specializes in Maharashtrian cuisine ranging from her delectable puran polis, home made Shrikhand and the rich and delicious Chirote to name a few.

Chef 's story

Sonali -Chef Mumbaikar

With more than a decade of experience in the food and service industry, I found that most of us have fond memories of food from our childhood. Whether it is our mother’s cooking or any memorable meal that we have had, food has a way of transporting us to the past. My mother always emphasizes cooking from the heart. The more passion and effort you put into your cooking, the more joy and satisfaction it will bring to the person eating your food...My style of cooking is the expression of different flavors resulting in delicious meals, with many recipes passed on to me from both my grandmothers, mother, and aunts and in-laws .. I always use fresh ingredients and a variety of spices in my cooking. I feel authentic ingredients used from scratch brings out distinct flavors which are lost as more and more people use packaged foods, spice mixes and sauces. Welcome to Chai ‘N’ Chilli, the house of authentic Indian taste, where meals and memories are made.

Every meal made by us has its own unique story that we want to share with you.


Traditional plate

Each country and region has its own unique flavor, food and culture. That’s why we believe the most genuine way to represent any culture is through food. If we talk about Maharashtrian food, it is largely regional with subtle differences in how the same ingredients are used and blended to bring out variations in the food. Using local ingredients along with regional and historic differences, is what adds to the variety of the cuisine. We therefore wanted to bring those flavors from Maharashtra to Melbourne in our own special way. Chai n Chilli is an amalgamation of our love for food, our dedication to authentic flavors and ingredients, and our upbringing in a region that has a rich history of traditions.

Melbourne: 181/183 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Timings: Mon-Fri 10:30 am - 8:45 pm   

Clayton: 125 Carinish Rd, 
Clayton VIC 3168


Wed, Thursday & Friday: 

5.30 pm - 9:00 pm


10.30 am - 2.30 pm & 5.30 pm - 9.00 pm

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

For Bookings Call us on: 981 165 44

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    What restaurant guru says -
    "Docklands Stadium is what you should see after having a meal at Chai 'N' Chilli. This restaurant is an ideal choice if you are in the mood for the Indian cuisine. You will like its food, particularly perfectly cooked vada, vada pav and turkey. Good masala chai is worth a try here. As for the Google rating, Chai 'N' Chilli achieved 4.5."

    What Our Customer Says

    • Abhishek Gavankar
      I have been to this restaurant so many times and the food is always delicious and tasty. Mumbai sandwich and dabeli is yummy. Very friendly staff and great customer service. Do try masala tea!!!
      Abhishek Gavankar
    • Venu Kulkarni
      Always look forward to our visits to Chai n Chilli! The food is absolutely yummy. Personal favourites are the Sabudana Vada and Dabeli, although everything is exceptional! It’s always our first choice when craving home food! We had also approached Sonali for catering for a home event, and the food did not disappoint! It was beautifully prepared and all our guests loved it. Thanks team Chai n Chilli!
      Venu Kulkarni
    • Ankit Jain
      All items were just awesomely tasty...had Vadapav, Masala Pav, Paneer wrap, Dabeli and Chai. At our request they specially made sugar free Chai. Was in a rush as I couldn't find a nearby parking spot. The owner was assistive and helped us have some items dine-in whilst some provided as takeaway. Thank You! Service was swift too... So many delicacies left to taste yet... Will definitely visit again with more time to spare :D
      Ankit Jain
    • Spoorthy Reddy
      One of my friends told me about this place and since then I have visited this place quite a few times. The owner/host is absolutely sweet and friendly. You can always experience a warm welcome. It is open for limited hours. Great authentic Maharashtrian food. Love the sabudana vada and dabeli. 100% recommended
      Spoorthy Reddy
    • Vidhita Kanojia
      Excellent food. Chai and chilli provides you with the authentic Marathi style food alongside following all street foods if you are craving to have Indian masaaledaar food then must visit Chai and chili for sure. The new recent dish they have added is Ragada Pani- Puri the essence that Dish makes you feel is uff just made me cry so much. Nothing beats the authentic misal pav and vada pav Mumbai style Must visit
      Vidhita Kanojia
    • I love the concept of bringing true authentic Maharashtrian food to Melbourne. The owner is very sweet and kind. He ensures the food is palatable and true to its taste. The chef, His wife is an incredible women working so hard to serve every customer on time with hot fresh food. Everything taste fresh, because of this, sometimes the food comes to your table late. But, the wait is worth it. I tried the vada pao, masala chai, kat vada and Kharbas. Kharbas, is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet dish. Its made of milk and I would highly recommend this to try. The owner is quite secretive about his sources of raw material to make these authentic dishes. The restaurant is open from 2:30 pm to 7:45 pm only Monday to Friday. So make sure you meet this time requirement. In the future, I do hope they open on the weekends too so we can enjoy a great plate of Misal pao on a late sunday afternoon. Thank you so much, and I look forward on visiting soon!!!
    • Rucha Natu
      Getting authentic Mumbai food in Australia is truly a blessing, thanks to Chai n Chili! A wide selection of the favorites, delicious food, cozy ambience and a warm welcoming owner make this place a must for every foodie! Highly recommended on ur trip to Melbourne!!
      Rucha Natu
    • Anupam Kelkar
      Definitely a 5 star worthy place. Truly a place that serves Marathi cuisine/ street cuisine WITHOUT the adulterated north Indian taste. I had Vada Pav, Misal, Masala tea, sabudana wada and puran poli. Everything was perfect and legit authentic. Everything was hot and puran poli was made to order hot. Definitely going to visit the place atleast twice a month. The image of sabudana wada is misleading though. You get 4 not 2 😄. Couldn’t resist and forgot to click a picture. Edit: Went again for Round 2. Thalipeeth IS A MUST HAVE. I REPEAT .. MUST HAVE. I dont remember seend it in my plate as I probably finished it in 6 seconds. Was served with real LoNi (loni isn’t really butter, its the elixir that is made when you churn buttermilk). I mean they could have served with curd, but loni is what makes it REAL authentic. Image added
      Anupam Kelkar
    • Omkar Deshpande
      It's probably the only Authentic Maharashtrian restaurant in Melbourne. Authentic taste with Verity of options available. Taste is really good. Specially Vada pav and Thalipith is amazing. Never had such soft pav anywhere before. Service is very quick. Staff is very friendly and polite. Owners look after you as well. Must visit place.
      Omkar Deshpande
    • Omkar Hulawe
      Best Maharastrian food in Melbourne…nice spot, nice views from the place..owners are friendly….great getaway to mumbai chatakdar khau galli food
      Omkar Hulawe
    • Jay Mehta
      The best Indian street food in Melbourne. Homely touch given by all the ladies working in the kitchen, service by the gentleman at front who will engage with you with his lovely smile is really good. By far the best compare to all the Indian street food in Melbourne. Will surely come here quite often and bring as many friends as mine. Thanks again very much for your attentive service and really delicious food. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👏🏻
      Jay Mehta
    • Zarana Patel
      Missing Maharashtrian food? Well u don't have to as this heavenly places serves the best Maharashtrian dishes...Amazing amazing amazing!!!! authentic taste and wonderful service...u have to wait for ur order as this place is super busy but it's worth the wait. We ordered Indian chai,misal paav,vada paav ,pooran Poli, thaalipeeth and bread pakoda and we just loved it ♥️
      Zarana Patel
    • Bhavini Gandhi
      Mind blowing Food ... and the Amazing owners do everything they can to give you a great dining experience...if you are up for authentic spicy Indian Food with real flavours yet have the healthy touch of home made yet professional cooking ...this is the place... Thank you Guys
      Bhavini Gandhi
    • Tapan Thakar
      The food was amazing 😋 Authentic India taste. Reminded me of my home. The Aamras puri and the Sabudana wada are a must try. The staff is very friendly and accommodated to all our requests. Will definitely visit again. 😊
      Tapan Thakar
    • Josh Thomas
      Nice food, great service and overall excellent place for nice Mumbai snacks and food. Highly recommend. Only room for improvement is if you are driving here it's a nightmare to find this place. It's in a hidden corner away from main road in front of gate 6 of marvel stadium. Not at all easy to find or park, but if you manage to find it. - a five star place!
      Josh Thomas
    • Priyal Raja
      Absolutely amazing experience with authentic Marathi food. Kat vada usal just like back home. Loved the masala pav, pitla bhakar and sizzling brownie 😍 Thanks for the customer service and your personal touch Kiran Joshi and family! ❤️ Loved the special Pineapple Sheera as well as the interiors. Coming back to eat here again.
      Priyal Raja
    • Reetika Vadgaonkar
      Tried the sabudana wada and wada paav and was not disappointed. Probably the best ones I've tried in Australia. It is a little bit on the spicier side though! The paav served was not hot, though, but I personally didn't mind it as the wada was hot enough. Service was quick and efficient. Very reasonably priced too, with good quality. Thanks for bringing the delight of Maharashtrian food, which is not as highly represented in Indian restaurants in Aus.
      Reetika Vadgaonkar
    • Gayatri Kulkarni
      What an amazing place for authentic Maharashtrian food! I was looking forward to eat here on my Melbourne trip. And I wasn’t disappointed. The service was quick, decor cosy and a humble chatty owner who made me feel at home. I tried most of the things on the menu and everything was delicious
      Gayatri Kulkarni
    • Aakriti Gupta
      A great place for Indian comfort food. Is more geared towards Marathi food and has all the staples you'd find in a Maharashtrian household. The menu is quite big and no matter what you order, it will be delicious. Have tried so many different dishes over my many visits and have loved them all. Vada pav is a must for me. The taste is on the spicier end tho. Would recommend if you're looking for homelike Indian food and snacks.
      Aakriti Gupta